Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 reasons why I've not been posting this week

1. I have a sore throat. Not sure what this has to do with blogging, but...
2. I have a new toy. A viola. Lent to me by my friend... but I bought my own very nice bow. I only got it last night but in anticipation have been listening to youtube viola music all week.
3. I've been watching Dance Academy Series 2. Every day.
4. I've been thinking about what a Dean of Women at a theological college would actually do. Wipe the noses of needy female students?
5. I've been thinking about approaches to women's ministry.

Happy to take comments on any of these.


  1. 4. Teach thick blokes what they should have known.

    1. I thought of 4. Facilitate conversations like this one from Talladega Nights:

      Cal: "You know, I was thinking, though, one time, uh, it would be really awesome if, like, you could slingshot me in for a win."
      Ricky: "Yeah, but-- Okay, but, if you won, how, how am I gonna win?"
      Cal: "Yeah."
      Ricky: "Think about it."
      Cal: "No, I was thinking about..."
      Ricky: "I mean, it's not like you're finishing 18th."
      Cal: "Nothing wrong with silver."
      Ricky: "Nothing wrong with silver at all."
      Cal: "I'm just kidding you, man. I don't wanna win. I'll just bury it down inside."
      Ricky: "Bury it deep down in there, and never bring it up again."
      Cal: "It's painful, and I love you!"

  2. 1. Hope you're feeling better soon, or even now...
    2. One of my nieces plays the viola (I think...they both had violins but I think one of them branched out, must see how that's all going). They sound nice.
    3.??? Don't get it...
    4 & 5 I'll leave for the theology people.

  3. 4. Depending on the theological college, I would love to see a Dean of Women play a role in providing a voice for women at the level of leadership and decision-making - drawing attention to the ways in which particular decisions or approaches might impact women in ways not immediately obvious and thinking about how theological education can be 'female-friendly'. I'm not suggesting that female students have entirely different issues to male students or that all female students have the same issues, but I think that sometimes where leadership is largely male there is an unintentional blindness to hurdles to women participating. It would be great to have a Dean of Women who was on top of the literature on gender issues in education generally and could gently encourage cultural change where necessary. Where women make up a minority of students, I would see it as much an advocacy role as a pastoral role.

  4. Just fyi, I'd love a job like that :)

  5. Sorry about 1. Excited about 2. Concerned, but not surprised about 3. Interested in your thoughts about 4 & 5.

  6. 1. You may have caught that off me.... is that possible?
    2. New toy. Right. That explains the silence.
    3. Huh?
    4. I would think encourage women to study theology.
    5. In preparation for Flourish maybe?

  7. Speaking as someone who works with a real live Dean of Women students...

    The role has a pastoral dimension, but it also is the case that the Dean advocates for women in an environment in which they are a minority and encourages and supports them in their theological study. Seems to work as far as I can see.

  8. Yay for the viola! I'm borrowing a violin from one of our orchestra players (you know... His cheap spare one.. only 10k€ :D) as one of my potential roles next season plays.some Bach, and I was wondering if I could do it for real - sadly it seems I've lost my skillz.

  9. Dance Academy is unmitigated rubbish. I am sorry about your sore throat! And more women should be in management roles in church related things.

    That is all.

    We are 'doing' women's ministry a bit differently now. Happy to chat whenever...

  10. 1. Pineapple juice.
    2. Sounds good. My son's looking for a set of bagpipes. My feelings are mixed.
    3. My sympathies. Watched Portlandia yet?
    4. Do the male students have someone wiping their noses? Good for hygiene with the flu season coming, I guess.(I'm sure you're talking to someone who is doing the role. I think it would be excellent to have one.)
    5. Would hiding in shrubbery until they get close enough work?

  11. Why are there so many women with different opinions on 5 and so few guys with any opinion on 5 (unless indifference counts as an opinion)?