Thursday, March 29, 2012

Joel's dystopian story - Vaccine.

This is all Joel - except for the full stops and correct spelling.

Are you safe? 
Even now when the world is at its peak of security? 
Are you safe?
It glowed a harsh green light. He had done it. The first scientist… The first small, mean, tiny, cruel, jealous-of-the-tall-people scientist, to make the vaccine of life and  inject it into his puppet. He would have the biggest him puppet ever after it grew… and fed. No one would tease him now.
Now, 18 years later, the huge, dirty puppet has destroyed most forms of life.  
*        *         *
Lisa screamed in pain. It was coming. She screamed again. It hurt so much it almost killed her but she kept it up she gave birth. He came out but he did not cry. 
“Leo” Lisa said. 
*        *         *
Smash! The rock landed next to Leo. The rock, red smudges all over it, had killed many people but not Leo. He jumped back on his hands and pushed off… He landed flat on his feet. The puppet smashed the ground HARD. A wave of vibrations shot out and Leo stumbled. When he had caught his footing, a tiny puppet with green jacket and rough yellow fur was sitting in front of him. It jumped. For the first time he admired his surroundings: the burned out windows of trashed up dusty buildings and shards of glass… He could stab the puppet then escape. He reached for the glass. It was dusty and it might kill it. Leo grabbed it. He felt a sharp pain that grew. Leo screamed. His arm exploded splats of red, soggy flesh. Blood splattered the ground.
The puppet must have still been concentrating on his victory as Leo reached for the glass and jabbed it. It slumped. Coarse, red liquid flowed, staining its green jacket. It started to rise but not before Leo kicked off and sprinted flat-out for the mound. 
The mound was a heap of messed up buildings dumped on a hole with a tunnel into the hole. It was where Dr. Pupple, the scientist, lived. Leo needed help. Badly. Five minutes later, Leo reached the mound. Dr. Pupple was waiting. He welcomed him. Leo barely felt the regrowth needle, but his arm hurt like somebody sand-papered it until it was raw then rubbed salt in it. 
Bang, bang, bang, bang! Dust came down from the roof. More dust poured like a water fall then a patch of light came from the roof of the mound. Puppets dropped in one by one. 
The scientist screamed, ‘I created you!’ 
Leo looked long and hard at Dr. Pupple. Then he ran - this time for the power plant. The puppets followed.
When he reached the plant his arm was fully grown back. He needed it! Dr. Pupple and the puppets where approaching. Leo looked at the nuke infected water.  He looked at the puppets and what they had done. The landscape! It looked like the nuke power plant had blown up! It looked like after the Japan tsunami! He hated it. Even he was stuffed up. His cloths were torn and bloody. 
Leo pushed the infected water out towards the puppets.
When the water flowed it had a strange yellow light buzzing around it. Leo felt dizzy -like he needed to fall asleep. 
He did, but this was a permanent sleep.
The puppets fell down like a domino run: one by one dropping down then melting into green liquid that glowed a harsh green light.
‘My vaccine!’ yelled Dr. Pupple. 
Green liquid flowed to the now dead Leo.
by Joel


  1. Does a story need anything but action?

  2. Action packed alright! I'm exhausted just from reading it.

    Very descriptive though, well done Joel!

  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger should option the movie rights.

  4. Love it. Particularly the "jealous-of-the-tall-people scientist." I must tell Chris to watch out for him...