Friday, March 16, 2012


I've been asked to run a seminar on music ministry at Flourish conference this year.

Flourish is a national conference organised by the Presbyterian Church for both men and women on the topic of women's ministry. David Jones will be the keynote speaker and the theme this year is 'Moving from theory to practice.'

I'm quite excited about it. I'll gladly accept any speaking engagement a plan trip away! Any ideas about what I should say?

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  1. Sure!

    "Stop thinking it's different" - I think we tend to spend all our energy on the 'music' and forget that it's more importantly 'ministry' - so our theology of ministry drives our theology of music ministry, rather than our theology of music driving our theology of music ministry.

    After that last sentence, I now know why I went for the four word summary at the top! But you know what I mean...