Sunday, October 2, 2011

time fail

We're ready for church an hour early. Our computer clocks have switched to DS time.

Just called Andrew. He would have started stressing soon about why no one was coming to church.

Now I've got time to clean the house!


  1. ha.

    I felt sorry for the old boy who walked into church just as it was about to finish here this morning. Happens every year.

  2. That happened here too! Except I managed to convince Peter it was 7am, not 8!

  3. Bah.
    I have to get up an hour earlier for the next six months.
    Six months.
    This cannot be of God.

  4. Sounds like a time victory to me.

    I love daylight savings, and I won't have a bad word said about it.

  5. @ Ben...I used to love daylight savings when I lived further south. And I've tried to love it since we've lived on the border. But it's getting harder. About to have a blog whinge about it....