Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RE today...

...was Daniel in the lion's den.

Easiest story in the world to tell - which was good because we only did 5 minutes prep. I read the story through twice. For our first class (200 year 2-3 kids) I set it up by explaining the government of Babylon at that stage - King Darius, 3 governors, 120 officials... then just told the story.

Wanted to do something different for the second class (200 year 4-5 kids). I got Andrew to tell the story and I sat at the piano and played background music. Was fun. It was nice playing off each other. Andrew had to fill out the story more than he usually would so my playing could take effect. We'll try it again sometime. Might even practice beforehand*.



  1. Wow, you have 200 kids at a time?!! I guess that makes it more like an assembly than an ordinary class. The musical background sounds like fun - and I like that you and Andrew teach as a team!

  2. P.S. Just booked my flights to come up with the little man in November - yay!