Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some things...

...are only endurable with large quantities of alcohol.

I don't drink enough.


  1. Church committee meetings? Australia's Got Talent? Mark Driscoll?

  2. School trivia night.

    It was awful.

  3. Why was it so bad?? I don't mind occasional trivia nights...

  4. Neither do I. But this was bad.

    The guy comparing yelled into the mic all night and there was no way to talk with others at our table. Even to talk about the questions. Headache stations.

    4 hours.

  5. OK...that is hard to endure for that long. But were you winners?

  6. Nope. That sucked too.

    You could buy answers. $10 each. Would have gotten expensive.

  7. We could buy answers for $1, but only one per round. We had three people not turn up on the night - our geograpy expert and our SPORT expert and our TV expert. Our sport expert had been signed up to our table by his wife the TV expert, who forgot to tell him, and he signed up with someone else's table. Oh well. There's always next year.
    Not that I'm a high achiever.