Friday, October 14, 2011

Just wasted three hours...

...working on a song that no one would ever considering singing.

Read the title to Andrew. 'Come mourn with me awhile.'

Inspired by a hymn by the same title.

Um. No.


  1. No. The only time I could see myself singing a song like that would be at a funeral....

  2. I really like the hymn to which you refer - we have it on a Jars of Clay CD.

  3. Plus, as you can see, it's already been well covered with a thoroughly modern and evangelical tune!

  4. Hmm. There's a hyperlink hiding in my comment. No idea why it's being shy.

  5. Weird. I checked on mouseover and saw an underline appear, and didn't notice that it didn't click through.

    In the interests of killing a joke by explaining it, the link was to a Gregorian chant of the old hymn, with it clearly being a Marian hymn.