Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adrenaline management OR How to not slit your wrists after the substance of things hoped for

1. Ease of the caffeine a few weeks before the event. I know. It will hurt. It will hurt more later if you don't.
2. Resist the temptation to caffeine up during the busy time. Do tea rather than coffee. 2 mouthfuls of diet coke rather than three cans of pepsi max.
3. Work out when the emotional low is likely to arrive.
4. Start to caffeine up at emotional low point. Preferably with friends around and the steak knives safely locked away.

The trick is to not have the caffeine low and the emotional low at the same time.

I'm doing okay at the moment. I have a school concert tomorrow to get through. Tuesday won't be pretty.

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