Sunday, October 23, 2011

prep micro-musical

Tomorrow the first of my prep classes are performing our micro-musical Once Upon A Time.

Because of school holidays, school concerts and pupil free days, I've not seen or rehearsed them for weeks. I've not finished writing the script and they don't know their lines. But they know the songs and the vibe of the story. It has a very full narration and the kids lines are all pretty obvious. I have about an hour to pull it all together in the morning, then another 45 minutes in the afternoon to get them dressed etc before the parents come.

I'm telling myself it will be okay. Prep parents will be generous.

I'm also hoping to get four year 7 girls to come and help me pull it off. I can give each of them a group of kids to take responsibility for.

It will be okay. (See, I keep telling myself!) The costumes will look nice. I've gone for simple smock like things:

Knight - Red satin smock, gold belt, cape, sword.
Dragon - Green smock, tail
Humpty Dumpty - Colourful cardboard egg tied around neck.
Grand Old Duke plus men - Red satin smocks, gold ribbons around waist, shields.
Fairies - Green satin smocks, holly tied around heads and waists, alfoil covered straw magic wands
Princesses - Pink smocks, silver ribbons around waists, pretty see though fabric sashes, cone shaped medieval princess cardboard hats with ribbons.

And I've got some cool cardboard castles (that I made years ago for a church kids' club!) for our props.

It will be okay.


  1. Okay? Sounds fantastic. I'd be a very happy Prep parent just with costumes and a song or two. You'll have them eating out of your hand (or the dragon's).

  2. It'll be fine. It won't matter if they don't know what to's still cute at that age :)