Thursday, October 20, 2011

poems by Joel

Joel is doing poetry at school. He gets it. He's been writing some at home too. I just found a file open on the computer. This one's my favourite. (He has chosen a picture to match each one.)


Paintings blush of colour
Swirls of wonder and glory
Life on the wall.

These next two paint bleaker pictures.


There's a zombie chain sore murderer
Hacking at your door
He'll hack your head off for all the gore
You'll die a painful death and he'll like it all the more.

Gloomy Day

As the brown sky sinks behind gloomy town
It hangs like an old tie
The cars huff by a group of children playing war
Behind a barbed wire fence.


  1. Wow - that's extraordinarily impressive. Leave out the zombies one, and I could easily believe they were written by a professional (in the earn-my-living-through-this-art sense).

    You've gotta start writing songs with the boy!

  2. Love the painting one. The others are a bit too dark for me...

  3. The zombie one doesn't need an image ... great work Joel!