Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tips for would be hoax bombers

- don't use your credit card to buy the baseball bat you'll use in your attack
- don't use your credit card to buy a lanyard and a memory stick that you'll attach to your victim
- don't drive in your own car to the places you'll check for an email
- try to avoid cctv cameras
- don't save draft files of your instruction letter on the memory stick that you attach to your victim. When you delete them, they are still there.
- don't use the memory stick in your own computer, as the owner of the computer you used will come up on the files
- go to busy internet cafes to check your email, not quiet places where the store owners will remember you

Story here. The guy they've got is pleading not guilty.


  1. I suspect he's not a professional. I'm really curious to know what his story his though - bizarre and terrifying scenario.

  2. I liked that his older brother came out to defend him by basically saying he knew it couldn't be his brother because it was too clever for his brother and anyway his brother would be too gutless for something like that. It's great when you can count on family like that, isn't it?