Sunday, August 21, 2011


We're doing Daniel in RE for the next 6 weeks. We're going to get the kids to act it out like we did with the Joseph stories last year. Of course we need costumes. So tonight I made 6 calico tunics*. I still need to make gold belts to go with them. They will be for Daniel and his friends and the kings other advisors. I've bought a beautiful piece of shiny purple stretchy fabric that will be a cape for King Nebucanezzer (and his successors). He'll wear it with a red satin tunic underneath and a gold belt and crown. I'll have Micah model them tomorrow afternoon and take some pictures.

* Hem two rectangles. Cut a vertical line a quarter of the way down one and hem both sides of that line. Sew the rectangles together at the top leaving a head whole. Tunic!

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  1. Daniel for kids - cool. Not sure if you'd have come across David Valeta, a scholar whose PhD was on the use of satire in Daniel...but there'd be plenty of material to mine that kids would appreciate ;-)

    Antony Barraclough did a paper on the topic for the MA subject we did together - you might be able to get his digest of the material.