Monday, August 15, 2011

scary dragon song for my preps

I’m a dragon, see my claws
feel my fire, hear my roars
I’m a dragon, you’re my prey
And I might eat you up today!

sar 2011


  1. Does it have a tune? Or is it more of a chant?

  2. It will have a tune. Doesn't yet.

  3. As my mother-in-law would say, "Dear, little dragon." (This is what she said about the icing dragon that was part of our wedding cake ensemble.)

  4. You had an icing dragon, Laetitia?!

  5. My aunt made a fruit cake into the shape of a castle (she won an award at the local show in the novelty cakes category for it too) and alongside it we had a chocolate cake in the shape of a cave, standing outside of which was an icing dragon (defending its lair) and plastic knights (defending the castle).

  6. Well, we didn't have a traditional cake either so I say, "Let them eat cake, whatever shape it may be."