Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I need a priest to declare me clean.

I've had an itchy head since I discovered head lice in Nathan's hair last week.

I've used a treatment shampoo and combed through three times.

No evidence of lice.

But I'm still itchy.

I could spend a fortune trying to eradicate these psychological nits.

Holy water?


  1. Let me just clarify, for Simone's readers, that this was her son Nathan, not the Clayfield student minister Nathan...

  2. I seem to remember a similar post a while ago.... sorry to hear they're back, real or psychological... I think you should pray.

  3. Yes. About 2 years ago I think.

    Last time the words 'head lice' attracted the spam crew. Waiting to see if it happens again.

  4. Ah, fond memories! I feel itchy just reading about it!