Sunday, August 28, 2011

post-piper lyric

Don't know if I like it yet. Note the 'or'll'.

[yet to be titled]

1. Come sun or rain
Come morning washed with joy or tears
come bliss or pain
Lord you are here, no fears remain

You are our Lord,
We need no more

Water for the parched and thirsty
Manna for the hungry soul.

2. I need no wealth
The lord of all looks after me
God is enough
for all that I am, or'll ever be

You are our Lord
We need no more

3. Years roll to years
and crash as waves upon the shore
dreams disappear
sink into sand to rise no more

Still you are Lord
We need no more

sar 2011


  1. I reckon squish in "or will" instead of "or'll". My 2c.

    Question... are you the Simone who wrote songs for Very Very Very Big God and J is for Jesus...?

  2. Not liking or'll....sorry. But I have no constructive alternative to suggest so perhaps I shouldn't comment.

  3. Or'll was never going to make it past this draft!

    Tasmanian - yes i am.

  4. I was genuinely disappointed we didn't sing any of your songs at either of the Piper shows. Maybe if this one is Piper-esque enough it will get a guernsey next time? It would have my vote, apart from or'll - sorry!

    With the "dreams as waves on the shore" it does have a nice connection Piper's reference to Colin's 'shells' from the night-time event :)

  5. Colin's shells are actually piper's shells! He wrote that song based on another version of piper's don't waste your life talk.

  6. Off-topic, but did the heaven song from Hebrews make it or get scrapped? I really liked those lyrics! I have high hopes of hearing/singing it one day.

  7. I recently heard a podcast of Richard Leonard on Radio National talking about how Christians cope with grief and suffering. One thing he mentions is the use of the psalms of lamentation in prayer. This is kind of like that - when everything else is gone, God is still there. Is that what you were trying to acheive? Definuitely minor key song which I reckon are the best sort although many disagree.

    Maybe think about reordering the verses so it doesn't finish at the lowest point emotionally.

    "Or'll" is duly noted. It didn't work, you're still a syllable over quota on that line. I agree with you on it - I can't imagine singing it, it sounds like a speech therapy exercise.

    "Manna" seems like a foreigner in the midst of more contemporary language.

    Delightfully free of inverted sentences :).

  8. Deb - Not scrapped. Maturing.

    Jon - Yeah - I was thinking Psalm 73.

    I know I'm still a syllable over in that line. I quite like 'for all that I am' and may re-write the other verses to match it. Or I could get rid of 'that' which would make it the same as the others - without the anacrusis. Good idea reordering the verses. Or I might write another. They are pretty short.

    Jon - did you see my hymn on hymns? I wrote it thinking of you! (

  9. Ha ha, how could I have missed that one! So lovely, everything I hate in a song in one neat package!

    "Each word as written I can read/but who its meaning guesseth". Modern songs are not immune. We did "My heart is Filled with Thankfulness" yesterday and noticed a line that said "He floods my weaknesses and strengths". I had to check the music after the service as I was sure it was a typo!

    Yes, I like "God is enough for all that I am" too. Shame you need more words really.

  10. Oh my WORD we love your songs on VVVBG and J is for Jesus. Thank you thank you thank you for your effort and dedication.