Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking for songs for my kids to play on uke.

Anything that I can convince them is cool...

I'm bored with what we're currently doing - Cold Play, Green Day...

Ideas? So far they've learnt C, F, G, Am, D, Bb, Em, E7.


  1. If they got A and Bm they'd have about a billion songs they could play. But then, you know that, and I don't know how hard those chords are on a uke.

    Will get back to you if I allow myself some break time later.

  2. A is easy. Bm's a dog. Ukes like playing in C, F and G.

  3. Call me an old fogey but if you want to learn a guitar or anything like it (eg a uke) all you need is a bit of Neil Young. Any bit will do.

  4. U2 would have lots of playable stuff, if not necessarily 'cool'...