Monday, February 28, 2011

you-tube fest

Listening to heaps of stuff. Looking for more choir repertoire.

Looking for something a little different I can arrange up.



  1. Flame Trees by Cold Chisel (a la the movie Little FIsh?)

    Forever Now? When the War is Over?

    What about some Radiohead? Karma Police? Fake Plastic Trees is hilarious.

    Or, Rehab by Amy Winehouse? That'd go down well with the parents.

  2. Morning Bird by The Sleepy Jackson is a beautiful, simple little song.

    Under The Milky Way
    Boys Don't Cry
    There She Goes
    Don't Dream It's Over

    By the way Simone, have you heard of the PS22 Chorus? I found them the other week and was pretty touched. This teacher with a lot of passion for music rounded up this group of school kids, and gets them to cover left of centre pop songs. Some pretty great stuff.

    Check out their 'Pictures of You' and 'Joga' (Bjork). Also, I love their Lady Gaga 'Just Dance' version!

  3. Sorry to bombard you--

    'Don't Panic' by Coldplay would be pretty sweet.

    Also 'In My Room' by the Beach Boys

  4. Love love love ps22. I'm obsessed. Listened to all their stuff. Every single clip.

  5. Trying not to copy them in everything. Want repertoire they haven't used.

  6. Cool, I'm glad you know and like them.

    Maybe go for the Aussie vibe then? There are lots of rare gems out there..

  7. I've got Sara Bareilles' King of Anything stuck in my head at the moment. Or more to the point, this cover of it:

  8. Speaking of Liz Frencham, "Jericho"?

  9. Chisel actually. When the war is over. I'm going to introduce it tomorrow and see how it goes.

    Thanks guys. Your suggestions were great and will keep me going for months.

    Current repertoire - I'll stand by you, U2 - Van Diemen's land, Chisel - When the war is over.

    I'm looking for a good cure song for later on. I wasn't too fussed with PS22's Pictures of You.

  10. The Cure, eh? Love Cats?

    Also Choir Girl by Chisels (only, its about abortion... hmm, maybe not)

    I wish I could be part of the choir singing When the War is Over. Great fun - much joy.