Sunday, February 13, 2011

Couch to 5K in 6 weeks

I'm doing a running program with Nathan (age 11). I can already run a few kms. He's not a runner at all. But the aim is that we'll both be doing 5kms in another 5 weeks.

This week we've gone for four walks together. We did 5km today. Tomorrow we do 5km again but do 5 x 60 second runs in that 5kms. Then we gradually build up the length of the runs and cut the recovery time in between them. It seems achievable.

Anyone done anything like this before?


  1. I'm currently up to week 3 of that program. I've been much more of a sprinter than a 'runner' in the past and previously 400m was way too far to run. So far it has been manageable but I've heard it gets a bit harder from week 4.

    Have been going well though - I'm deliberately going slowly an am eyeing off a fun run in May as a target to achieve the 5kms by. I've tried to get my Nathan to join in but I think he's working on perfecting the 'couch' part before moving on.

  2. Maybe the couch part goes with the name. If my Nathan can do it, so can yours!

  3. I've done a program to take you from 5km-10km. It used music beats to give you the desired pace to go. It alternated segments of running and power walking. I found it really useful (though I'm not really into most of that music :-))

    There's a couch to 5k and other running programs on the website too.

  4. I've looked at doing them, but that was last year - I'd just get started and then come down with another bout of tonsilitis which would put me out of running action for a week. Now that I'm tonsil free I might try again sometime.

  5. I missed the train.

  6. Ben and Narelle! Pull on your running shoes and get out the door!