Thursday, February 24, 2011


Just watched this on tv. Oh man. Chuck it all.


  1. Most of these people have issues much bigger than their stuff.

    An unnatural attachment to stuff is part of the problem and it's not about greed usually.

    It is hard knowing people in similar circumstances and knowing that they need to make the decision to change. Forcing it on them creates pain and resentment.

  2. Yeah I realise that. But one of the guys was going to be sent to jail for his mess!

  3. I know I was watching too.
    We saw junk but he saw his life savings. Very sad.

  4. I watched it a couple of weeks ago and thought the same thing.
    In my first job, I visited a couple of old people who lived in houses like this. Truly frightening.

  5. I'm not certain about the purpose of these shows. Is it to make you want to chuck out your own boxes of stuff in the garage? Is it to make you feel better about the relatively small amount of junk you own? Is it to shamefully expose those with disabilities whose mental illness causes them to behave in ways our society deems to be unacceptable? Is it to create understanding and tolerance and patience in our community for those same people? Or is it to create further intolerance for those people?