Friday, February 4, 2011

Got a conference to name?

I'm your woman.

I have just successfully named one and have a swag of (rejected) names to offer you at a greatly reduced price.

So what are you after?


  1. Not a conference but I am naming a book discussion group where we will be discussing Christian books. I want to avoid using the word "club" so it doesn't sound exclusive. My current idea of "Book Chat" is a bit boring I think.

  2. "inspyre book chat"

    In this i-literate world, y is hip. Got to keep i for the beginnings.

  3. I think it could grow on me. Now to deal with the logistics of getting it up and running. I have pastoral approval and a book for Term 1 so those are pretty important decisions made....

  4. Don't let it grow on you. It's awful.

  5. Name is not important right now anyway, although I don't think it's totally horrendous actually (although it probably is for a church activity). Looks a bit "witchy" was my first thought so probably it would be a good name for a shop selling crystals, incense and unusual looking homewares/dust collectors.

    I'm sure a cool name will come to me at some point when I'm not trying too hard to think about it.

  6. So, the cat's out of the bag, but can I suggest 'An Evening With Bob Kauflin (to be confirmed)' lacks a little something...