Monday, July 19, 2010

Year 4-5 RE tomorrow

I'm going to try something different. We're doing the Joseph narratives in Genesis. Before the holidays we got up to the part where Pharoh had the dreams and Joseph interpreted them. This week I need to tell the story from Joseph being put in charge of everything to half way through the brothers bit. I'm going to set up the story by reminding the kids about God's promises to Jacob's family, and say that even in all this bad stuff God was working for the good of his people, keeping his promises etc. Then I'll tell the story of the years of plenty and famine. I have a little dialogue between the brothers that the kids will act - we've run out of food, what should we do etc, then my new idea.

Revolutionary. I'm going to read them the bible. Word for word. I think I'll start at 42:6 and keep going till I feel like stopping. I'll try to stop at a really good bit, tell them exactly where I'm up to and ask them to go home, find a bible and keep reading it for themselves. I have next week to finish off the story.

What do you think? This is in front of 7 classes of kids. I can hold them pretty well when I'm telling the story. Can I hold them when I'm just reading the bible? Would be a big win if I could.


  1. I am in awe of your enthusiasm Simone. I'll pray that it goes well.

    Just to balance this post out though, "win"? j'deteste!

  2. win? yes! a win!

    I want 150 9 and 10 year olds going home and finding a bible and reading it without me!

  3. sorry. It's just one of those words that is creeping into common parlance that grates. I heard it used 3 times yesterday. I don't think it's made it across Bass Strait yet.

    My problem.

  4. I've noticed in the past, RE or (Scripture classes in NSW) tend to actually 'settle' when you pull out the Bible and read it with them. I'm not sure why? Maybe its the whole, "mmm, this is a 'holy' book, better listen," OR they just don't actually hear much engaging reading, by someone who is familiar with what they're reading and can then answer their questions that naturally pop up.
    Alternatively the Bible could be right, and God's word won't return to Him void? It is Him preaching after all said and done.

  5. It went well. I held them. One girl said she didn't have a bible at home. I told her to google Genesis 43. She came up after to find out how to spell Genesis. Cool, huh?