Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've hit the wall

Do any of the following and I may yell at you. Or cry.

  • complain
  • not eat your breakfast
  • not tidy up your toys
  • not hang up your towel
  • begin a craft project (like soap carving) when you should be doing something else
  • not go to bed when you've been asked
  • whinge
  • not notice that I'm actually pretty busy
  • fight with sibling
  • say you don't want to go to school
  • attach the washing machine hose to your backyard hole
  • tell me you have no socks
  • leave your dirty dishes on the table
  • stand too close to me
  • speak too much 
  • speak too little
  • breathe in a noticable way
  • say something kind.

You've been warned. Come near me at your own risk.

Today I'm going to sit in a coffee shop by myself for a couple of hours and try find some calm.


  1. At the danger the list contains
    # reply to post
    # not reply to post
    I'll reply anyway.

    I think I'd be setting up a tent inside the local coffee shop if I'd gone through the week you've just been through.

  2. Hope you found some calm. (Now I'm running for cover...)

  3. *breathing quietly*

    I trust the caffeine was sufficiently soothing?

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm safe now.