Saturday, July 31, 2010

A lost dog is a great way of meeting and bonding with the neighbours

I came home from Grow conference tonight to find our front gate open and our dog missing. Andrew had taken the boys to the football at 5pm. He says the gate was shut when he left. Our dog is pretty and stupid. I feared the worst. I walked up and down our street looking for her but couldn't go far because it was dark. Two lots of neighbours came to the rescue and helped me look for her. My kind sister in law also came over. The man round the corner had her. He had pulled her off the road to keep her safe.

There is community in dog ownership. All the dog owners around us know our dog and us through her. 'Oh, you are Arry's owners!' Kind of like the comments at school, 'Oh, you're Micah's mum!'

I am thankful that this ended well.


  1. Ooray for Arry :)

    Quack managed to visit the golf club and the soccer field on separate expeditions last Sunday. Before lunchtime. I now have to find time to bury enough panels of steel lattice to cover the entire rear boundary, and then some more. Sigh.

    What Jesus meant, when he told that parable about building your house on the sand, is that it's too easy for the dog to dig out. I must straighten him out on that one someday!

  2. Pleased to hear all is well. Nothing like a pet emergency to bring out the nice neighbours, we found that when our cat was hit by a car. Sadly it wasn't such a happy ending for our cat but people were very nice to us...