Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have been taking responsibility!

Last night I drove 100km on dark roads. I got us home safely and almost kept to the speed limit most of the time. After 30km, Andrew taught me how to use high-beam lights. They make driving in the dark heaps easier.

Today I cooked a barbeque lunch for us (there's a bbbq on our front verandah). I've never independently used a non-park variety barbeque before. I took everything outside, tried to light it, failed, and took everything back inside again. Then I gave myself a talking to - "You're a grown-up. How hard could it be? You drove on those dark roads last night... etc." - then took everything back outside and tried again. I have now mastered the gas bottle barbeque.

I have also had other minor triumphs - I successfully used a front loader washing machine (I'm not good at following instructions) and got the kids to take responsibility for the dishes. On Friday I have to independently pack the car. Andrew is nervous about this one, but given my other successes, I'm hopeful.

If Andrew stays out of action for much longer, who knows what other skills I might acquire?

Thankfully, he can fill in forms lying down.


  1. Well done! So proud of you. Glad about the forms - goodness knows what might happen if Andrew couldn't fill them out.

    Hope you are all coping/recovering well and get back safely.

  2. Good work! Look forward to hearing how packing the car turns out.

  3. Heh. Good on you. I love those little triumphs. Just a bit of advice- don't get cocky with the car packing. This is an underestimated skill that takes years of practice. Just get everything out there behind the car (rather than just packing as you bring stuff out of the house) to start with, and then think Tetris-like, slowly and well considered.
    Master Packer

  4. I find it hard to believe you haven't used high beam before. Are you a city girl?

    It is truly satisfying, though, to find that the things you didn't think you could do you actually can. The one positive thing about David going away occasionally, is finding I can cope!

  5. Ben, I'm looking forward to playing car tetris. I've been practising quadra-pop on my phone (a tetris-like game) as training.

    Wendy - I'm thoroughly city. I'm pretty good at the Brisbane-Gold Coast run, but it is lit up the whole way.

  6. We drive down the main road in Launceston on high beam after 6pm when everyone's at home eating their meat and three veg.

  7. But you've travelled, Simone - has Andrew done most of the driving? We drove from Mackay to Moranbah (mining town) last year after dark (I drove half the distance). Was one of the scariest drives of my career. Tiredness had a lot to do with it, we'd driven from Cairns that morning.

  8. We've travelled. Andrew does most of the driving and pretty much all the night time driving. Unlit roads freak me out. I'm going to use my high-beam skills in the next few days. 18 hours driving over 2 days!

  9. Sounds like you'll be driving on adrenalin! Take care.