Wednesday, July 14, 2010

back to work.

Today I taught year 6 kids the difference between a poem and a group of words on a page.


  1. What is the diff'rence
    'tween a poem and a sentence
    haikus can be both

  2. What is the difference?

    Usually the only way I know is that there's the word "poem" somewhere on the page, or on the cover of the book that contains the page.

  3. Well...ok, maybe I do know when I see it, but only because of a rather subjective and nebulous feeling : "oh! This is a poem". I wouldn't be able to tell you objectively why I feel that this is the case....

  4. Val Vallis taught literature at Qld Uni when I was there and taught us that a poem is where the lines don't reach to the end of the page. He was a poet so he would know!