Monday, July 5, 2010


We were tobogganing this morning at Dinner Plain and Andrew took an impressive jump. He landed very heavily (on his bum) and has done some damage to his back. Andrew lay on the ice for about 90 minutes while we waited for the ambulance. They took him to a small hospital in Hotham where they told us it seems he has fractured his 12th vertibrae (? - I have no idea what that means). They think it's probably a stable fracture but have sent him to Wangaratta to make sure.

The boys are I are home (Harrietville) and waiting for news. All feeling a bit nervous and fidgitty. Prayers appreciated.

[I don't think our family and Victoria are a great combination.]


  1. Oh no! Saying a prayer ...

  2. 12th vertebrae is in the middle back approximately between the shoulder blades. Praying!