Monday, December 24, 2012

Want a tour through our new house?

Andrew made this little video for the kids. They won't get to see our new place for another 3 weeks. Take a look!


  1. Looks like I got the first that makes me the first to appreciate the lid on the toilet seat. Happy times ahead...

    Looks like a nice place; well done on the unpack, and have a great Christmas and holiday!

  2. I really like it :) I was almost the first one to view, but discovered that we had exceeded our internet download limit for the month about two seconds after I hit the play button on YouTube (we haven't done that before, so I was in shock at how slow it actually gets....). So I had to wait until this morning to see it.

    Hope you are enjoying Melbourne, and will enjoy the next few weeks of travelling everywhere else :)

  3. Really nice! I can see you've got lots of extra chairs outside near the BBQ so that will be really good when we all come up for the blog party.

  4. Oh yes, I think I can feel a Cairns meet up coming on :) We've often talked about going back up for a visit. Surprise babies and logistical dramas of organising transport once we get there have gotten in the way of us actually doing so.

    Sometime in the next year or two would be lovely....