Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last Sunday at Church

After 10 years.

I'll miss the piano.

And playing it with people who know what I'm thinking.

And being able to say 'That was rubbish. Let's do it again.' without offending.

I'll miss the beautiful rose window.

And the lovely organ pipes.

And our pretty leaf logo.

I'll miss the morning teas, lovingly prepared.

And the conversation and laughs in the hall.

I'll miss being in the place that has so many memories.

Breastfeeding a little one in the hall. My baby asleep under the piano while I played.

Joel hiding under the communion table during church while I was playing piano and trying to communicate to friends that I had lost him.

Joel's name written in permanent marker on the church wall (in his backwards 6 year old scrawl.)

Nathan sitting at the sound desk.

I'll miss being around people who have watched our children grow, who have cared for them over the years and who love them.

I'll miss being around people who know me and love me despite knowing me. The people who have prayed with me, ministered to me, grown with me.

I'll miss the familiarity, the history.

But none of that is what I'll miss most.

Thank you all for the last decade.

We love you and will miss you.


  1. lovely words Simone. hope it was a good day.

  2. It's sad saying goodbye to good friends and a beautiful place :)

    My memories of breastfeeding from your church are of me sitting on the old pews in the foyer!! Not such a comfortable feeding location ;)