Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 weeks without sugar or artificial sweeteners

I've lost 3kg.

I don't miss sugar.

I had half a can of diet softdrink yesterday. I used to guzzle the stuff, but drinking it now seems kind of pointless.

It's meant to take 3 weeks to lose the taste for sugar. I think I've lost it, but I'm a bit bored with eating overall. I've been too busy to experiment with any new flavours, so I've pretty much just eaten things plain. I'll need to work more with fresh herbs etc if I'm to keep going. I'm not hungry much anymore except at lunch and dinner times, which is good.


  1. That is very impressive, given all that is going on in your life at the moment. Good work Simone.

  2. Megan and I have cut down on unnecessary sugar as well. She's better at it than I am. But we also have felt less pickish and more hungry at meal times as well. I miss chocolate.