Monday, December 3, 2012

My next three weeks - 6 performances, 4 cities, moving house.

Tuesday 4/12

RE Christmas pagaent. Put on by my Junior Choir with half hour rehearsal. I hope they'll be able to pull it off. For 7 year olds, they're a pretty disciplined group.

Final church bible study. Sad.

Wednesday 5/12

Junior Choir performs (outside! Annoying!) at the building opening post school fire in December 2012.

Year 6 CD launch. Remember all those songs I've been posting? I need to finish tidying them up by Wednesday and print of a pile of CDs. We're having some kind of party.

Thursday 6/12

Funeral for Andrew's great aunt. The third elderly relative we've lost this year.

Friday 7/12

Staff Christmas Party

Saturday 8/12

Church Christmas carols rehearsal.

Sunday 9/12

Church Christmas carols and preschool pagaent.

Monday 10/12

Rehearsals for next two days

Tuesday 11/12

Academic Awards evening. I'm organising the year 7 graduation songs (Chasing the sun, Good Riddance, Hall of Fame, Safe and Sound) and accompanying the senior choir. Rehearsals all day, performances at night.

Wednesday 12/12

Premier of 'Courtney - The Musical'. Remember that *great* idea I had in January, that I'd get a group of kids to write a musical? Well, it's done!

Thursday 13/12

Kids' last day at school. I'll be saying goodbye to all the kids on this day.

Friday 14/12

Micah's birthday. The packers arrive and put all our earthly possessions into boxes.

Saturday 15/12


Sunday 16/12

Final Sunday at church.

Monday 17/12

All our earthly possessions go off on a train to Cairns.

Tuesday 18/12

House cleaning.

Wednesday 19/12

House cleaning then drive to my parents place on the Gold Coast.

Thursday 20/12

If we've found a house, Andrew and I fly to Cairns. Kids stay with my parents.

Friday 21/12

If we've found a house (hopefully!) Andrew and I unpack our stuff and set up shop in Cairns. Kids go to Brisbane to Andrew's parents.

Saturday 22/12

Kids drive with Andrew's parents to Melbourne. We continue to unpack.

Sunday 23/12

Kids continue to drive to Cairns. Andrew and I have a day off together.

Monday 24/12

Andrew and I fly to Melbourne.

Tuesday 25/12

Happy Christmas!


  1. So we might not hear from you again in here until you're in the new place??

    Hope everything goes to plan. Will pray that you'll get a house :)

    1. No. I'll be around. Always time for procrastination.

  2. I feel much better about my December now!

  3. No way! We could have at least had coffee but I'll be in Sydney for Christmas. Not fair!!!!

  4. I think Sunday 23/12 might be askew - won't the kids still be heading for Melbourne, not Cairns?

    Sat 15/12 will be some variant of - recuperating from having farewelled your earthly possessions, and cleaning. I'm assuming you already have temporary storage organised in Cairns. If not, that is another potential activity for 15/12. :-)

    1. Well picked up! Melbourne! Our stuff won't have to go to storage unless our plans come unstuck. It takes all week to travel up by train, apparently.