Monday, December 24, 2012


Plan A has been successfully executed. Our new house in Cairns is set up (except for one room). Our kids survived without us for four days and made it to Melbourne. Their very gracious grandparents survived as well.

Today we flew from Cairns to Melbourne. The air isn't as thick and warm down here but it's great to see the kids again.

It doesn't feel like Christmas to us. We gave our boys their presents over a week ago. We're doing our extended family Christmas thing on new years eve, so tomorrow will just kind of be another day. But we'll go to church. So far this month I've only heard 5 christmas sermons, so it will be good to get another one in!

I hope you all have a very happy christmas.


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  1. Great work. What a feat. May there not be another lead up to Christmas quite like that one for your for a while. But well done. Have a great holiday and go well in your new place.