Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Plan A seems to (maybe) be going ahead.

It looks like things might fall into place for our move. All our stuff is getting packed up on Friday and is going on the train on Monday. We are now told that the house we've applied for will be available pre-Christmas. I'm hoping pre-Christmas doesn't mean Christmas Eve. We need it next Thursday - 20/12. Someone is having a look at it for us today. After that, our application can get processed. If we suit and the date works, then we can buy flights to Cairns next week and move in.

Things seem to be moving very slowly, but hopefully we'll know one way or the other by tomorrow. If this house isn't going to work out, we have to quickly start the process again with another one.


  1. Will pray that everything falls into place smoothly for the big move and for the days in between now and then :)

  2. At least you're not moving to a place like Thailand or China where there isn't advertising about available properties (as far as I understand it). You just have to wander up and down, enquiring if anyone knows of something!