Saturday, December 15, 2012

House cleaning.

I think houses should come with waterproof insides so I could just hose it all out. 

There could be a three step house cleaning machine. You clear everything out, then hose it with the sudsy wash, then rinse it with water, then dry it with a massive blow dryer.


  1. That would be excellent. My poor cleaning skills caught up with me this week when we had a real estate agent come around to do an appraisal for us. New carpets, new paint and landscaping would be needed to get us a quick sale in the current market apparently. And he didn't even mention the general cleaning and masses of stuff we need to get rid of (I took that as a given...). All sounding a bit too hard so I think we'll be staying put for the moment.

    Maybe if we clean, declutter and get new carpets and paint, then we won't want to move because the house will seem all new again anyway? Right?

  2. I'd buy one. Or maybe Deb and I could split the purchase and share it.