Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I'd like for Mother's day next year.

Dear Family (particularly husband),

I know that you always feel guilty about Mother's day. Have you done enough? Have you done the right stuff? Jenny has suggested that it's a good idea for us Mothers to set out our expectations nice and clearly so that we won't be disappointed. So. Here they are in seven easy to understand points.

1. I'm not into Mother's day. I'm not just saying that. I'm really not into it. I feel like it's a Hallmark occasion. On this particular celebration, my expectations are really low. I'm not expecting any fuss. I don't want any fuss. (Note to other men reading this: Most of my friends do want and expect fuss. Ask your wife!)

2. I really hate gifts bought from our school Mother's day stall. I know I'm a kill joy and I will take it well if gifts from school appear, but I really don't like them.

3. I do like cards that the kids have made. Encourage this.

4. If you want to get me something, make it something necessary - like new electric beaters, the latest Twilight DVD, or an iPad. Actually, ask me before you buy the iPad so we can make it a family trip to the apple store. It's good that we do things together.

5. Sunday morning is a shocker. You won't remember to wish me a happy mother's day before church. That's okay. Maybe mention it to the kids on Saturday night and they can remember.

6. I do want to visit family on Mother's day. Be careful not to organise any church function for that day.

7. Please remember that this applies only to mothers day and certainly not to my birthday. 

I think you are all fabulous and I can't remember a bad mother's day yet.


Blog friends - Why not post what you like for mother's day in the comments. Next year I'll repost it so (hopefully) your husband can read it.


  1. Getting something from No.4 makes up for a few of the others I think. We had done some looking at iPad and they seemed to be all out of stock everwhere we went but I had a lovely surprise on Mother's Day. One iPad just for me? The girls really want to get their hands on it. It is being rationed closely.

  2. I'd love an iPad (just getting the important point out there first).
    This year our church weekend away was over the Mother's Day weekend. Not great (and it has happened before). I know church family is important, but the extended biological family are also important. And some of them don't really get why the church stuff is taking priority.
    So because we weren't going to be home on the day itself, I was sent out to the shops to buy my own present on the Friday before Mother's Day. No price limit was suggested but I didn't think I should spend too much, so I bought myself a cookbook. Which was good because I know I'll actually make the things in it. Lots of times people buy me cookbooks because I enjoy cooking, but there's only one or two recipes in there that I'll actually be brave enough to try.
    The Mother's Day stall presents were disappointing but useful. One child went for quantity and bought me a pen and a car deodorizer (those flower shaped things you hang over the rear view mirror). The other one bought me a drink bottle. It has a womanly shaped figure (think bust-waist-hip shape) which gave me a little giggle.
    I agree with most of your points. I'm really not that into it either. But cards with funny little messages in them that the kids have made do go down quite well.

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  4. I dislike Mother's Day because I just know that, at church, one of the children will give me a 'something' that they've made in Sunday School. Evidently they get told to give one to all the adult females regardless of whether we're mothers. This happens in every church - no denomination is immune.

    I'm not sure what worries me more - the assumption that I must be a mother simply because I'm an adult female or what to do with the (often weird) thing being presented to me - do I (try to) accept it graciously (even though I don't know what it is/like it/can eat or use it) or tell the smiling child to give it to someone who has children?

  5. I want nothing from the mother's day stall. And I don't want to celebrate it at church - as far as I know I haven't heard of a biblical justification for celebrating it. Would remove the strange situation Laetitia finds herself in.