Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Heart Delights (draft 2)

My heart delights that Christ my Lord
would leave his heavenly throne
And come to earth, our God a man (OR as God and man)
to claim us for his own.
The king of all took off his crown
He took on human form
He clothed himself in humble flesh
And as a child was born.
My heart delights and wonders at
this love that gives himself
He sought no honour, no acclaim
no riches and no wealth.
His only thought was to obey
the path set out for him
To walk the road to Calvary
and take away our sin.
My heart delights that Christ would seek
a sinful soul as mine
My heart was all unrighteousness
But his was love divine! 
Oh spirit move and change me that
my heart should beat for Christ
Oh make his will all I desire
And him my soul’s delight.
sar 2012


  1. I like 'our God a man' - less box-ticky, more saying something.

    The changes work better. I'll harp on about honour though ;-)

  2. Ah, much better.

    Now, what do you think about swapping 'thought' for 'goal' in V2L5?

    1. Fair enough.

      As I was drifting off, though, I thought of half a solution to my 'how does one obey a path?' dilemma - you could change the end of that line to 'was fixed upon' or 'was set upon'...and I'm not going to mention that the only other thing I came up with for the front end relied on Jesus having a steely eye or a flinty, won't say that at all...

  3. I'm with Anthony on 'our God a man' and with you on keeping 'thought'. besides it rhymes with sought earlier in verse. but all in all its shaping up to be a *delightful* song.