Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Viola update. Week ?

Still having fun.

Ashamed to admit that I want to join the strings ensemble at our school. I'm about at the standard of a kid who has been having group lessons for 2 years. The year 5s. So I'd slot right in.

A bit embarrassed to ask.

A very sweet 8 year old came and excitedly told me that he learns from the same teacher as me. He said he'd like to play with me some time. Maybe he, Micah and I could make our own ensemble!


  1. Is there a reason why you couldn't join (other than the embarrassing asking part)?

    Wouldn't the kids find it good having you there?

    Our school has had drumming and guitar groups off and on over the past few years. The teachers involved always play with the kids. Same with the trumpeters, the principal always plays with Aidan and the other two kids who are learning when they are playing at a school event.

    I know that in these cases the adult's playing ability on the instrument is at a much higher level than those of the kids, but from what I've seen, I don't think kids have any issues with an adult playing with them in a music group.

    In your case, it might help them to see that even adults take time to learn something new. I think sometimes kids believe that adults have always just been able to do stuff without having to put in any effort, your participation would maybe show them that it's taking time and practice for you to get it right too.

  2. It would be bad form. I'd be stepping on the teacher's turf. If I was there he wouldn't be as free to do his thing.

    A shame.

  3. I understand. In year 8 I 'helped' with the primary kids ensemble until I was decent enough to join my peers.

    Absolutely make your own :p