Thursday, July 19, 2012

Veronica Mars - Series 1

6 discs. I just watched it in 5 days - which is pretty good going, considering that I appeared to be living a normal life. "It's okay kids. I don't mind that we've arrived early for tennis today. You go and hit the ball while you're waiting for your lesson. I'll sit here in the car. Look! I've bought my computer..."

It's fabulous television. Anyone else seen it?

Is series 2 as good?


  1. I'd say series 2 is as good, once you factor in that it is a second series.

    How did [i]Last Exile work[/i] for you guys?

  2. Still plugging away getting through The West Wing here. I just can't watch huge amounts of television in such a short time frame.
    Maybe I'll put Veronica on my list to watch next. But that could be a few years away at the rate I'm going.

  3. We loved season 1 but found season 2 pretty hard going..

  4. yes, we loved it too! I didn't think season 2 was as good - but it was still good... and season 3 was okay but didn't measure up to the first two in my opinion.