Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"I know that 99% of you won't repost this, but I know the 1% of you who will."

I am in the 99%.

I don't care what your cause is. It's not that I don't love aunties, sisters, brothers, daughters, friends, whoever... It's not that I'm not sympathetic towards those with bowel cancer, autism, or herpes.

It's just that I will not repost this guilt inducing, sentimental tripe.

Facebook likes are cheap.

If you care about cancer research, donate some money.

If you love your aunty, send her a card.

If you friend is in pain, go visit her and take a lasagne.

But enough with the Facebook chain letters.


  1. Actually, I think it's more ironic if I don't.

  2. Amen! The same goes for the cryptic statuses about bra colours, where your handbag is etc that are supposed to be creating breast cancer awareness. Donating money towards breast cancer research and care would be far more effective than creating a sexual innuendo.

  3. Ditto for email chain letters too. I'm in the 99%.