Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Four hour long staff meeting...

We had a lady come in to do a Myers-Briggs assessment on us all.

All good fun. Four hours of being self obsessed.

No surprises. Very clear ENTP.

It was fun seeing what everyone else was.

But tell me, introverts, when you are standing by yourself at a work social thing, trying to hide behind your glass, do you want me to come and talk to you? The woman leading the session said that you are probably happy by yourself and you'd prefer to be left alone. True?


  1. Maybe. If you came up by yourself I think I would cope. But if you tried to drag too many other people into the conversation I might struggle.
    I'm getting better at doing the social chatting than I used to be. It's still hard work sometimes.

  2. Yeah, these things are a bit too blunt.

    Probably happy by myself...sure, or I'd have left already.

    Prefer to be left alone...doesn't necessarily follow from the first bit.

    I'm willing to bet the presenter was E, or else totally antisocial!

  3. In large group settings I prefer to have 1 on 1 conversations, so come on over. Whilst I enjoy my own company, I'm not expecting to be alone at a party, so I would feel uncomfortable if I was left alone all night.

  4. Yep one on one is good. Hate being to Nigel No-friends at a party.But don't be too loud or "hyper"....don't like too much attention drawn to me!

  5. False. Probably feeling a little bit left out but uncertain as to how to enter a conversation, so someone initiating one would be just great, especially if it's an extrovert who will do most of the talking. Don't pepper me with questions, though, I'm a little reluctant to share intimate personal details with complete strangers. Oh hang on, I'm commenting about my personality on a blog!

  6. I think that's a bit ridiculous, that introverts stand cowering behind a glass at a party. Introversion doesn't mean socially incompetent!

  7. I agree with onlinesoph. If I was in a social setting and didn't know anybody, I would love for someone to come and talk to me. But then, depending on the situation, I may initiate a conversation.

    I'm an introvert, but for me it's about needing time and space to recharge between social events...not being shy.