Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wii Fit

My sister got us a Wii Fit for christmas. It's pretty cool. My mii has a wii age of 45 which is a little unfortunate. She needs to lose 8kg to have the best BMI for illness avoidance. I'm keen that she lose the weight, so she's working on it with her Male Trainer.

So far she's done a short step session, which was about as energetic as watching TV. She also ran for 12 minutes. She needs to burn about 500 calories a day. Less if she stays off the chocolate.

Anyone else got one? Use it?


  1. My family gave me wii fit for mothers day last year.I love playing all the games, enjoyed riding my bike on the beach and I have clocked up more hours than anyone else in our household. I now have the wii fit age of a 17 year old. The only problem is that I haven't actually lost any weight. But as my husband pointed out, I haven't gained any weight either so it must be working!

  2. Off topic, Simone, but have you seen these guys?

    Super-cool (and in honour of Hanukkah!)

  3. I will watch for your feedback after Christmas, since that was something that was sort of on my Christmas list.... then we opted for the far more sedentary choice of an e-reader instead.
    Disappointing that it didn't lead to any weight loss, Narelle!