Saturday, December 24, 2011


We did the Christmas thing with my family on Tuesday. Full meal, all the family, lots of presents... Since then, I've felt like Christmas is done. It's seemed strange that everyone else is still anticipating it.

But tomorrow (today?!) is the real thing. We'll have a pretty quiet day - mostly just by ourselves. (Andrew's family is gathering next Sunday.) I think I've done pretty well choosing presents for the kids. I can tell you what I've gotten them, because they'll have opened them by the time they get to spy on this.

Nathan gets a pretty nice ukulele. It's a tenor one with a pickup (Boulder Creek, Riptide.) He needed a uke for school (his mother wrote the booklist!) and we both agreed that if we were to buy another one, we wanted it to be a decent one. (I'll use it at work 2 days a week.) It has two sound holes and sounds delicious. I read reviews of just about every uke available in our price range. This one didn't get excellent reviews, but it was the one that both he and I liked the sound and feel of best. Amazing the number of $200+ ukes that haven't been set up right and are out of tune on the second and third frets.

Joel gets a remote controlled helicopter (I know. It will break in 3 hours. But he's been asking for one for most of his life.) He also gets some more wood for the treehouse he's building and a couple of tools. And he gets another book (which he can read - yay yay yay!) and a smiggle book light.

Micah, bless his little third born heart, gets an iPod nano. He want to listen to more children's music and less ColdPlay. I've had my day with kids' music. Just can't do Bobby and the Bonsters any more. Yes Micah, you can have your own iPod. With headphones.

This all seems very extravagant. And it is. Nathan knows the point at which I'm weakest* and he attacked me there. Joel asked for a bass clarinet, but I was strong and said no. (The $2000 price tag and his lack of practice helped me stay resolute.) Apart from last year's trombone (school requirement...), I've not spent this much on them at Christmas before.


*mmm. Music shop.


  1. We tend to do one big thing each, and a number of smaller things. Christmas at our place has been even rougher than usual on the kids this year, so compensation is warranted!

    Owen's big ticket item was a Lego Hogwarts (the smaller, saner priced one!); Lucy got her first mp3 player (and immediately started soloing King of Christmas with headphones in); Sean got the razor scooter that he's been borrowing from the other two all his life. He assured me as he went to sleep tonight that he's so happy with his presents, he wants to make sure that next year he gets me something that I actually want.

    (not that they're old enough to be buying us anything anyway, but the thought was genuine!)

  2. Abel got Sophie the Giraffe. I found it hard to believe a small rubber giraffe could be worth $35 but he embraced it with glad cries and gummed it enthusiastically for most of the afternoon.

  3. Aidan got a music stand (a solid looking one), a cheap watch and a book about how to draw things.

    Liam scored a box of Horrible Histories books (to be shared with Aidan and others) and the Lego Lighthouse Island. I am also quite fond of the lighthouse island so he might have to fight me off when he's making it.

    Rosie got the Ikea mini-kitchen and a set of little pots and pans to go with it. This was to replace the plastic kitchen we collected for the boys from kerbside cleanup a few years ago. It was the most expensive present we bought this year. But she does seem to love it. And it does look nice.

    Rowan...we weren't going to bother buying him something since he wasn't really going to know about it, but then I found some hand puppets (farm animals) on the Ikea online shop. We figured they would get some use over time...especially as their mouths move when you put your hand inside them, that's my criterion for a good he got five of those ($20 worth).

    Chris and I bought ourselves an e-reader, a Sony one. And I am upgrading my ukulele for my birthday which is next weekend. We are off to the Gold Coast Ukulele shop this week to check out the options. I'm hoping to get something for between $50 and $100...any suggestions from your shopping trip that you'd recommend? Or is it just a matter of holding them to see how they feel?

    Joanna, I too am dubious about paying $35 for a rubber giraffe...I would be interested in hearing if it's worth the money over time?? I have gotten through three children without one, but they do seem to be quite popular so I am wondering whether to get one so that number four does get something new rather than all the hand me down, well-chomped toys.