Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons from Janette: #1 - Wifely Submission

Book - When Comes The Spring
Page - 63
Context - Newlyweds Elizabeth and Wynn have their first (and only) fight. She wants to go hiking in a skirt. He wants her to wear an unbecoming (but safer) pair of men's trousers. Elizabeth spends some time praying, then realises she was wrong not to submit to Wynn. This is their make-up discussion. 

“There will be times, Elizabeth, when we won’t agree about things. Times when I will need to make decisions in our future. ... I might have to ask you to do things you will find difficult, things you can’t understand or don’t agree with. Do you understand that?”

I nodded again. I had just been through all that in my talk with my God.

“I love you, Elizabeth. I will try to never make decisions to satisfy my ego or to show my manly authority, but I must do what I think is right for you - to care for you and protect you. Can you understand that?”

I searched his face and nodded again.

“This time - the pants - it would be too dangerous on the trail in a skirt. I know the trail, Elizabeth. I would never expose you to the possibilities of a bad fall. I-”

I stopped him then by laying a finger gently on his lips. “It’s all right. I understand now. I’m glad you love me enough to fight my foolish pride. I mean it, Wynn. Thanks for standing firm - for being strong. I needed that. I’m ready to let you be the head of the home. And I want you to remind me of that as often as necessary - until I learn it well.”


  1. Lesson #2:

    It was Wynn, not Freud, who first theorised the existence of the ego, id, and superego.

    Lesson #2 (alternative):

    Anachronisms are perfectly comfortable on the prairie...

    Lesson #3:
    In Christian romance relationships, everyone gets to wear the pants!

  2. ROFL, Anthony

  3. I'm glad to hear Elizabeth is fighting her foolish pride and learning to be submissive, but profoundly shocked that her husband is demanding she wear men's clothing!