Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last minute gift ideas?

Not that it's the last minute yet. Not even close.

It was Micah's birthday yesterday. He loves Ticket To Ride (Europe) so we got him the Nordic Countries version. I was organised and ordered it from the US (along with some other games) and it cost us about $50 (including postage). It will cost you much much more if you buy it in Australia. But Ticket To Ride is a fabulous game and worth it.

One of his friends gave us Rubik's Race. We're loving it. Andrew is sitting at the table practicing it now (He went down big time tonight!). Great for ages 7+. I imagine it doesn't cost too much.

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  1. Ha! Europe's my favourite variant of TTR as well.

    Have you looked at Dominion for him? Huge variety in game play, lots of fun.