Friday, June 7, 2013

Who would have thought (draft 15)

Who would have thought the schemes of man
Could bring about our father’s plans?
Who would have thought that rage and spite
Would work for good and bring us life?

Who would have thought the cursed cross
sin’s bitter wage, the hangman’s tree
Would be our joy and our delight
the flag, the glory of the free?

Jesus, no heart had dreamed your saving plan
Jesus, reconciling God and man
Jesus, glory follows pain
The cross, the power of God to save!

Who would have thought the Lord of life
could lie so helpless in the grave?
Who would have thought that out of death
would come God’s mighty power to save?

[repeat ch]

Who would have thought my sin stained soul
could be forgiven, pure and white?
Praise be to Christ, this dying flesh 
will rise and gain eternal life!

[repeat ch]

sar 2013

1 comment:

  1. Some nice imagery in this (again!) Simone.

    FWIW, my niggles:

    - does a heart ever dream? (suggestion: none could have dreamed etc - the could plays off the would in the verses)

    - a hyphen in sin-stained, I think.

    - 'pure' limps, for me. May be just a personal thing, of course. But seems to me that what you're saying is really 'made pure' which is slightly different...

    Definitely worth pursuing though :)