Sunday, June 9, 2013

Archbishop Questions

I'm not special* enough to go to a 'meet Rick' info night. But if I was, I'd put these questions to Rick. And to Glenn as well.

1. What do you see as the primary role of the Archbishop of Sydney?

2. While the Sydney diocese is strongly evangelical, there are lots of different flavours of evangelical within it. Some people prefer prayer book services, while others are drawn to more contemporary meetings. Some people like homogenous group churches while others think it better to have multi-ethnic, multi-age meetings. Some people are committed to an exclusively male pulpit, others are fine with women preaching occasionally. You will, of course, have your own opinions on many matters, but how would you, as Archbishop, work with those who have different opinions to you? Have you had to do this in the past?

3. What are your thoughts on the place of caring for the sick and needy in society? Does having a keen interest in social welfare pose a threat to our evangelistic mission? [I'd like to hear both men on this, but especially Rick because of what he said here (24 mins in) about how writers like Tim Keller and Chris Wright can make us 'add to the gospel'.)

4. What's your vision for the diocese of Sydney?

5. If same sex marriage was passed by Australian Law and you were called up for a TV interview to talk about the subject, what would you say. (3 points)

6. A charismatic, a high churchman and a low churchman walk into a bar. What happens next?

7. What should be centralised? What shouldn't be?

* I'm not on Synod, I'm not an Anglican and I don't live in Sydney!


  1. Awesome questions, Simone! And I don't even know who these guys are!

  2. In answer to 6.
    The charismatic orders everyone a Spirit.

    The highchurchman refuses to drink because it's not consecrated.

    The lowchurchman isn't sure they should be drinking at all seeing as though technically this is church with 2 or 3 gathered in Jesus' name.

    Meanwhile there's a Baptist still outside who refused to come in.