Thursday, January 24, 2013


Two pupil free days down, one to go.

I hated work yesterday. It struck me at about 9.30am that this wasn't my old job. At my old school I had carved out a place for myself. I was liked and respected and given a very good amount of freedom to do whatever I wanted to do.

Here it is different. No one knows me. I am a fractional non-contact time provider. The bottom of the heap (as was pointed out to me!)

So I spent yesterday mourning what I've lost.

It started to get better when I found out that I don't have to teach PE. I'm teaching music to preps and year ones. The lower end of the school is not my favourite, but I think I can pull it off and get into the zone and have fun. I'll see the preps twice each week which will be nice.

Today was much better. The familiarity helped a lot and I spent a couple of hours with the other music teacher choosing choir repertoire. I'll be her accompanist. We're going to do some songs I did last year.

Tomorrow I'm taking in 60 ukes that I've just finished tuning up. At 8.30am I'm teaching the teachers to play....

Okay everyone, this is the ukelele's neck. The neck goes out to the left. No... the other left...


  1. ...fractional non-contact time provider- what a terrific title! I feel for you - I've been there. Someone reassured me once by saying, "Don't worry, you get paid more than a prison warden." On the plus side, preps and year ones are cute. I found that The Echo Song was a big hit with them.

  2. The first day in a new job is always really strange and awful for me. I spend the whole time thinking that I'd rather be back doing whatever I did before. After a few days it starts to feel a bit more familiar and I feel a bit happier once I've met a few people and know what's happening. Glad it's not just me who has that experience.

    Hope the ukulele tutorial goes very well :)

  3. So sorry.
    It's funny, teaching music to Prep and Grade One is my preference :)

  4. Teaching very small children scares me. They are small. And unpredictable.