Saturday, January 19, 2013


... is the last day of Andrew's long service leave.

Real life resumes Monday morning.

On Monday I have to get the kids completely ready for school - buying uniforms, covering and naming books, enrolling Nathan in high school, working out the text book hire scheme, buying Joel a school bag... I also have to pick up 70 ukes brand new (lower end) ukes from school and start tuning them. I have to teach the teachers to play at some stage during pupil free days (hopefully Friday). Each uke has to be tuned about 50 times before it will hold it's tune. It will be a big job.

Tuesday I have to continue to tune 70 ukes, work out what I'll teach the teachers to play, and finish off the book covering.

Wednesday is the first pupil free day. Andrew has to take the kids to work with him. It's not ideal in his first week in a new job, but we have no friends in Cairns that we can ask yet. Andrew will work from home most of the time and the kids can entertain themselves. When he goes to meetings, the kids can tag along with electronic devices. When they are at home, they can tune the ukes for me! I think I'll give the $10 each if they can get them into tune.

Thursday I work again, then at night I'm hoping to have church musicians over for dessert and coffee. The kids will have been home all day so the house could be in an interesting state.

Friday, work again!

It will be a trying week. The kids are still a bit fragile. They don't want to go out anywhere, just stay in the safety of our house with their e-devices. Joel spent about 3 hours today skyping a friend. The pupil free days will probably be tough. Generally the only think that makes them bearable is having friends to sit with and whisper/pass notes to. I won't have any friends yet.

Oh well. Maybe I'll take my computer (and wireless internet) just in case anything bloggable happens!

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  1. Normal routine of extreme busy-ness has been resumed ;)