Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 points on women giving sermons

Okay. So I've read the ebooks and all the meta. I'm not sure exactly* where I'm landing with it all but...

1. Let's stay calm. Nothing that John Dickson or Kathy Kellar have written is all that revolutionary. Dickson is arguing for a capable woman giving the occasional sermon at church. Kellar is arguing for much the same thing. Both are still within the complementarian camp. Both hold that there are differences between men and women in the home and at church.

2. None of this would have been controversial with most evangelicals 25 years ago. Such things happened.

3. There's no need for our heresy warning alarms to be going off as soon as someone starts questioning our interpretation of a verse. It's entirely possible that we've been wrong for centuries. Looking closely at the bible is what we should all be doing.

4. If compelling evidence came to light that made it pretty much certain that Dickson and Kellar are right, would the bottom fall out of your faith? Why?

5. The issue that we need to be discussing is what Paul meant by 'teach' in the pastorals.

What do you think?

* I'm sympathetic.


  1. Perhaps we shouldn't ask - what is 'to teach' but what is 'authority' interesting post here: