Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm ready to go home now.

It's been an exhausting morning.

I spent $600 on J and M's books and uniforms. We went to enrol N in high school but they don't open until tomorrow. Given that I start work on Wednesday, I feel like we are cutting things a bit fine.

I met my new boss and heard about my job. It seems I'll probably be teaching some PE along with music. PE!!! I did say that I was happy to do whatever, but PE?

I miss my old school. I miss knowing everyone. I miss calling the shots. I miss my beautiful, big, well organised classroom with well looked after equipment. I miss my teaching partner.

Can I go home now?


  1. :( Relocating is always hard. I feel your pain. Hopefully it will ease soon, and you'll find that Cairns people aren't that bad after all...

    If you get stuck with PE and need ideas, feel free to shoot me an email and I can see if I can help you out.

  2. Hang in there....stepping out of your comfort zone is scary but it might be really rewarding eventually.

    Having said that, I am about to step into a new workplace too...a school where I know no one. And I have to supervise four OT students there. I know none of them either. I'm starting to wonder why I said yes to doing this....

    I think the first few days are going to be the hardest. And then I hope it will all start to feel okay. People will be nice to me. They will be friendly. I might make new friends. My job sharing OT colleague will be on the same page as me so that even if I don't physically see her, we will be saying the same things to the students. The students won't behave like selfish Gen Y's.

    I hope it's like that for you too.

    And if there's room for inventiveness in your PE curriculum, you know what I would do? Ball games. Like tunnel ball, captain ball and all those games we used to play in primary school. I don't think schools do anywhere near enough of that kind of stuff in PE now. But if that's not part of whatever the prescribed curriculum is, then feel free to ignore me, I have no teaching knowledge at all :)

  3. Ian had to do a term of Yr 7 PE in his first year at his current school. He learnt a lot about various football codes,'ll be fine. Get them into weights training. ;-)

  4. O yes - I know that feeling. It's hard. Hope your first day went well. Each new thing you cross off the list is one thing closer to it feeling like 'normal'. But tiring.

  5. I'm getting a bit worried about school on Tuesday. I'm relying on school to provide some new friends but what if I don't fit. I think I will want to go home then too. But on a positive note I really like our new house.
    Miss F (3) announced tonight that she doesn't like this holiday and wants to go to her house. I hadn't realised that she didn't know this is permanent.