Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We are the most strict, unreasonable parents in the whole world.

We won't let our kids play realistic FPS (first person shooting) games.

This game came out today and we aren't getting it. 

Aren't we terrible?

Oh well. Watch this video. The game is probably rubbish anyway.


  1. I can't believe anyone would be getting it :) But we haven't yet moved on from Wii Sports Resort so I think our gaming credibility is back in the dark ages somewhere...

  2. [yawn] You sling shot sleep inducing food at the animals and they fall asleep. O man.

  3. You're not enticed by the thought that this sort of game is what elite surgeons play to keep their fingers sharp, their attitude callous and their wives in another room?

    1. To weakly footnote - the wikipedia entry on video games organises some of the papers:

      "According to research discussed at the 2008 Convention of the American Psychological Association, certain types of video games can improve the gamers' dexterity as well as their ability to problem-solve. A study of 33 laparoscopic surgeons found that those who played video games were 27 percent faster at advanced surgical procedures and made 37 percent fewer errors compared to those who did not play video games. A second study of 303 laparoscopic surgeons (82 percent men; 18 percent women) also showed that surgeons who played video games requiring spatial skills and hand dexterity and then performed a drill testing these skills were significantly faster at their first attempt and across all 10 trials than the surgeons who did not play the video games first."